The Things I learned from Isaac Hunter, both on and off the stage


As many of you know, former Senior Pastor of Summit Church, Isaac Hunter passed away. Few details are public other than the fact that it was most likely a suicide. When my friends first told me, I must of been in shock because I truly didn’t FEEL the sadness that losing such a friend, mentor, and quite honestly, hero should conjure. Today however, I woke up and felt it. I write this post as a tribute to a man that I, as well as thousands of others truly loved. Isaac, thank you for being one of the heroes in my life. Thank you for baptizing me, for showing me what a man of God truly looks like, even as you were imperfect along the way. You were my friend, and I thank you for helping create a group of people called Church, that I looked forward to every Sunday morning. Your work will continue through the group that you helped Shepherd, and I am comforted that your battles are finally over. I love you brother.

What I learned from Isaac (although may have been borrowed from other originators)

  1. First and foremost, you have never locked eyes with someone that Jesus didn’t love.
  2. Relationships matter. Truth matters. What you do with your life matters. You matter.
  3. Sometimes God shouts and sometimes God yells, but sometimes God whispers so softly that you HAVE to come close to hear Him.
  4. In a fallen world, pain is inevitable. Misery is optional.
  5. You have never stooped so low that you are beyond the reach of God’s grasp.
  6. We give out of a heart of thankfulness and out of an understanding that God has given us the ability to use finite and limited resources to do infinite and supernatural things for the Kingdom.
  7. You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.
  8. You can be right, and do it in a very wrong way.
  9. Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less.
  10. God can use imperfect, young, wet-behind-the-ears seminary students and forever change the lives of thousands of people. And He did.

21 thoughts on “The Things I learned from Isaac Hunter, both on and off the stage

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for this.
    …11) Some things will never change this side of Heaven, but God will redeem everything one day and ‘wipe away every tear’ Revelation 21:4

  2. Still in disbelief myself. Can’t help but keep wondering what happened that lead to this… Must be something we can learn from.
    There is no reason for me to believe the path he ended on couldn’t happen to me.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this! I was thinking today how often I remember unique and wise words of truth I learned from Isaac… Even after years of hearing solid biblical teaching from other pastors throughout my life, he brought such fresh wisdom and warmth to his teaching is the truth. God used him to speak to me more clearly than any pastor I have ever had. I am so thankful to have been one of his sheep. I have hurt for him and missed him this past year, but must rest in the knowledge that He is with Jesus now.

  4. “God wants to take your greatest sorrow and turn it into your life’s greatest message” ~ Rick Warren 4:00 am today I thought, “Why, how can this happen?” I listened to Isaac’s Summit archives. Darkness creeps in when we least expect it…. What I know, I’ve missed him so much this last year as I connected to his sermons as I never have before . I pray for the family, their peace….

  5. Thank you! That was beautifully written. I could hear his dear voice speaking some of the truths you listed. Over the past year, I have longed for and prayed for the day that he would be restored and I could hear him teach again. Now I guess I will have to wait for a reunion in Heaven. Thank God we do not mourn as those who have no hope.

  6. ” Don’t come over here just to say that you go to church every Sunday… Come and select one lesson from what I am sharing with you… Apply that to your life over the week. If you do that every Sunday, at the end off the year your life will be different! One conception at the time ”
    Isaac Hunter.

    I was missing him before! now I can’t hold my tears.

  7. I don’t even know you but I got so emotional reading this. Some of these same truths that have stood out to you are the ones that have forever changed the core of my being, my understanding of life and my relationship with God. I have Isaac to thank for that. I knew he effected many but never felt the magnitude of it until now. May his work live on through those he touched.

  8. Thank you for sharing this Dan. I am sad to learn of this loss. May his family be comforted. May you my friends be consoled. I knew him and I know they were doing some work in my home Country Malawi. I was with his dad and mom in Lusaka, Zambia in September. We are but pilgrims on this planet. As the actor Charlton Heston acknowledged, Earth is terribly jealous, It does not let anyone leave it a live. Yet, I know that Jesus and a few Old Testament characters are recorded to have done it. Good bye Isaac. See you there!

  9. I of course know Joel Hunter, knew of Isaac but never had the pleasure of meeting him. I find it very sad and discouraging really when I hear something like this, for how does my son, a young man wavering in belief himself, understand how someone who shared such faith and belief in the Lord, find the way to cope with life was through suicide?

  10. One of the first REAL pastors I have served with in this life. His life, regardless of circumstances, was an immeasurable blessing 🙂

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